Soundcloud Revo

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services real?
We offer 100% authentic services. We are known to be the best in terms of providing our customers real services; you can check it out in our testimonials.
Are the processes safe?
You can assure that our methods of delivering the orders are done without violating any terms and conditions implemented by SoundCloud to ensure your account remains 100% safe.
Is the payment method safe?
The payment method is hassle-free and safe. We offer secured transactions with our customers and the information we get is kept confidential and private.
What do I need to provide to start the delivery of the services?
After you have paid, we will only ask for the link on where you want your ordered services to be applied on.
Where can I see the status of my order?
You'll receive an email notification from us from the contact email address youíve given in the checkout. When your order is being processed and after the delivery is completed, you will receive a notification.
Do I get my orders on time?
We take customer satisfaction very seriously and guarantee to deliver the finest deals we have in a timely manner.
How long can I get my orders?
It depends on the volume of orders or the package you purchase. We will try our very best to complete it within the estimated delivery time we offer on our website. If it's been longer than a few days before you've seen movement, or if we've fail to deliver it in our estimated date, please give us a shout through our contact page or directly call us so that we can give you a status update.
Can I order more than one package at a time?
Yes, you are fully free to place multiple orders simultaneously because all of the packages can run concurrently.
Do you provide free trial?
We are very sorry but we cannot afford to provide free trial for now, due to the enormous demand by a lot of customers across the world.
Do you offer discounts?
We already offer the cheapest prices at the market so we donít provide any discounts. But if we have, we will surely inform you.
Can I cancel my order and get a refund?
Yes, you can cancel your order and we can provide you refunds if you have a valid explanation for the cancellation. The cancellation of your order must be done before the delivery starts because we will not provide refunds if the process has already started.
How can I approach you if I have concerns about my purchase?
We provide 24/7 customer support service that will genuinely answer all inquiries and concerns from our customers regarding about our product. We always prioritize those customers who have issues and concerns regarding their orders. We will never take everyone for granted.

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