Lower Back Pain

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If you're familiar with express lanes in grocery stores, you'll understand the philosophy behind Quick Check. This extension of Park Nicollet Urgent Care treats only patients with minor illnesses, so they won't get bogged down waiting behind those who need care for more complex conditions.

"We created Quick Check about four years ago, so those with minor illnesses can be seen and get back to their lives relatively quickly," explains Sheri Olsen, MD, an urgent care doctor at Park Nicollet Clinic-Burnsville.

Urgent Care doctors and physician assistants see patients in Quick Check to handle conditions such as sore throats some genucel, pinkeye, rashes and ear, bladder and sinus infections - genucel reviews. "We are very respectful of everyone's time," Dr. Olsen continues. "Working professionals and parents with kids especially appreciate Quick Check's convenience."

Who can use Quick Check?

The receptionists and nursing staff at all six Park Nicollet Urgent Care locations triage patients by asking about their symptoms and checking vital signs. Those who meet certain criteria can be treated in Quick Check. Like Urgent Care, Quick Check is available to anyone in the community.

During the course of a medical exam, doctors or physician assistants sometimes determine that a patient's condition is more severe and requires a chest X-ray or breathing treatment. When that's the case, patients are seen in Urgent Care. "We pride ourselves on providing a thorough evaluation and the best care possible for most conditions, where patients can get everything they need on-site - without having to go to another clinic," Dr. Olsen says.

Park Nicollet advantage

Quick Check providers make it a priority to keep patients' primary care doctors updated on these visits. "Park Nicollet clinicians have electronic access to patients' medical records, lab results and X-rays, making it very easy for them to provide follow-up care," Dr. Olsen continues. Quick Check providers also can forward information to doctors outside the Park Nicollet system.

Sometimes in Quick Check, doctors may recommend a patient see a specialist - due to an existing concern or because something unrelated was detected during the visit. Park Nicollet has doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in 46 medical specialties to provide in-depth care for any needs patients may have.

Recently, Dr. Olsen was treating a patient for lower back pain and noticed a suspicious sore on his nose. "I sent him to one of my colleagues in dermatology, who quickly confirmed his sore as skin cancer. The patient underwent surgery two days later," she says. "We provide a depth of care that patients are unlikely to find elsewhere."