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Terms and Conditions

To strengthen our customer relationship, we have made these terms and conditions that will serve as your guidelines to further understand our services. We consider this as an important part of our business because it serves as a mutual agreement towards dealing with events and liabilities that may happen during or after the delivery of services. It wouldn’t take too much time for you to read these and fully understand the terms and conditions before you purchase from us.
  • Upon reading this, you are agreeing that you will accept any inaccuracies and errors that may occur on our website’s content. With the fullest degree permitted by law, we do not hold any liability for whatever consequences that these inaccuracies and errors may sustain upon your usage.
  • Always remember that all the products, processes, technology and contents on this site may be the subject of other intellectual property rights which are reserved with our ownership and may not be licensed hereunder.
  • Being open-minded to errors and inaccuracies especially during the delivery of our services. To successfully get a refund, you must follow our implemented rules and regulations to avoid denial of refund application. We will provide refund only if we have not met the bargain and if the process has not been started. You must have an acceptable reason on withdrawing your orders and to take actions if ever the problem can still be solved.
We reserve all the rights to update these terms and conditions any time with immediate effect without notice. If ever you don’t agree to relevant changes or the terms and conditions, you can contact us or you cancel or terminate your ordered services. The administration and the customers should maintain strict confidence and don’t disclose to other parties when it comes to handling all information and materials without given permission by our site.

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