What is the big deal with Superfoods?

There is so much hype regarding the topic of Superfoods these days. We are constantly getting questions about what these foods are and why they are good for us. So, I thought I would give you our definition and some really good Superfoods that you can start incorporating into your diet.

Superfood: a food that is low in calories and high in nutrients. Typically, superfoods are unusually high in any of the following categories: phytonutrients, flavanoids (antioxidants), omega 3?s, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and/or anti-bacterial properties.

Honestly, I am simply amazed at these foods and their intensely dense and diverse nutrient content.

These foods will amaze you!

Superfoods do an awesome job at boosting the immune system by mineralizing the body and giving it tons of nutrients in a low calorie form. This allows the body to use all of its vital energy detoxing the body instead of working on breaking down a high calorie food.
Superfoods can truly cause a major energy increase in one's life that is inconceivable for those that are living on a poor diet.
Isn't this stuff like the coolest ever? Really, think about it! Today you have the option to upgrade your diet in a major way. For example, instead of eating a bag of potato chips that have 160 calories (a very small amount of fortified nutrients that your body has a hard time to absorb, and then at the end of that leave you still feeling hungry), you can choose o eat an ounce of goji berries that has 80 calories and is full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fiber, protein, vitamin C, iron, thiamin, niacin, phosphorus, manganese, chromium, copper, vitamin A, and calcium. That nutrient profile is literally found in only ONE handful of berries!!!!

I am so excited about this I just wanted to let you visually see the difference between a Superfood, like Goji Berries, compared to a bag of Lay's Potato Chips:

Goji Berry vs Lay's Potato Chips

Goji Berries
Lay's Potato Chips

One can easily see how and why you are still hungry after you pick up a bag of chips for a snack. This is a poster child for understanding what eating empty calories really means. Check out all of those zeros! If you are eating these types of empty calorie foods, then your body is craving more vitamins and minerals. Even though you ate double the calories, you still aren't getting the proper amount nutrients into your body. This is leaving you either still hungry for more chips or satisfied for only the next 30 minutes give or take.

Now, take a look at all of those vitamins and minerals found in the Goji Berries. I bet you didn't even know some of these compounds existed. At least, I know I didn't when I first started out. Nonetheless, they are there and your body is craving them. Make it easier on your body and pick Superfoods. Listed below is a bunch of fantastic SuperFoods that are just as awesome as Goji Berries.


Wheat grass
Barley grass
Wild blue-green algae
Goji Berries
Raw Cacao
Coconut oil
Royal Jelly
Bee Pollen
Aloe vera
Reishi Mushroom
Chaga Mushroom

These Superfoods are so incredibly easy to incorporate into your diet, and they are transformative when it comes to your health.

Remember, We ARE what we Eat! So let's you and me make the decision to be super and choose SUPERFOODS somehow some way in your diet today!

Today is the day that you can make a difference in your life and your loved ones. You do not have to go out and buy all of these foods at one time. Just do what you can, add in little bits here and there. You will be surprised. After 6 months of incorporating these foods, you could help yourself and others with so many ailments.